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The World of Uurth

Uurth is a fantasy setting that grew out of my Dungeons & Dragons game. I drew the first maps and began to write plot elements for Uurth sometime around 1978. It has grown substantially over the years. Almost all of the original hand written materials were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. Fortunately, most of the important core elements had been converted into electronic format before that happened, and escaped the storm on my laptop. I do still have most of the original hand drawn maps though. I had carried them along on the evacuation with the intent of digitizing more of them.

Uurth is a place with lots of political intrigue, high sorcery, and not infrequent invasions by the forces of evil and chaos. Feel free to pay a visit and explore the fantasy of a Floating Island populated by Dragons, the Centaur Subcontinent of Zylog, and the comfortable taverns and streets of the Metropolis of Gevbeck.

In a world where some goblins are your friends and your greatest enemies are usually all too human in both appearance and motive, learn to distinguish the good from the evil, and the merely disorderly from the destructive. Avoid being imprisoned and auctioned off as a slave, but don't be too quick to fight city hall... sometimes they really do have your best interests at heart.

Welcome to the World of Uurth!

Friends and Family of Uurth:

Gene Pharr

Webmaster of this server and all around nice guy.  This link points to my personal website where you can find my resume, PGP keys, and other stuff that is meaningful to me.  Have fun!

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A bit of history...

Uurth.com has had a number of incarnations now.

From 1995 until 1997 the original Uurth.com ran on a server located in a friend's offices. They had static IP and wanted an experimental web-server to play with and I was in Geek Need to own my own cyber-identity... I had to reload that server from scratch *twice* because hackers subverted it.

From 1997 until 1999 I reached the pinnacle of my Geek Identity: I obtained static IP at home and hosted my own server on hardware I rebuilt out of old spare parts... Oh the simple joy! Until the ISP went out of business.

Thus began my sad odyssey with Bellsouth as my webhost... Yuck! From 1999 until 2001 I was a very unhappy geek.

And then in late 2001 I was again a proud self-sufficient Geek... I got a new job, moved, and found an ISP that would provide static IP and would even host the DNS for free!... Yippee! All was well...

Until, on August 29, 2005, Uurth.com drowned in the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina. It was still on-line on UPS power as the waters came roaring into the neighborhood. I can't be certain of the instant it died, of course. ALL of the local infrastructure was drowning about then. But I like to think it continued to serve up pages and spool incoming email until the waters submerged it. I'll miss that machine forever. May it rest in peace.

Uurth.com was restored to service on a donated server resting on a crude sawhorse and plank bench in my gutted out living room sometime in February or March of 2006. It was (as is so often the case with computers) newer, faster, and more powerful. And thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine, I think all the web content was recovered.

On December 27, 2007 Uurth.com moved again. There comes a point when you stop wanting to be the big geek and just want something easy to use. Uurth.com is now hosted at GoDaddy.com. While I will miss having my own server, I now have a tech-support department... And it's worth every penny.

Welcome to Uurth.com. I hope you find fun here.

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